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Meren isn’t the stand-in princess anymore—she’s earned the title of Queen of Aryd. Even if most of her people don’t know it and she’s not actually in Aryd at the moment. Things can’t get any worse. King Eidolon possesses her throne, her amulet, and her Shadowraith. Meanwhile, she’s stuck on the run with a ragtag group of warriors and friends, wielding a nymph’s curse that grants her a power not her own, holding on to a promise to get Reven back, and…struggling to contain the evil he left inside her.

She has no choice…she has to fight.

But how? The only path to defeating the king that she can see is getting to the last of amulets before Eidolon does. After that, the question is…does she somehow release the goddesses? They might fix everything—the magic devastating the dominions, Eidolon’s treachery, and hopefully return Reven to her. Except her ancestresses imprisoned the six sister deities for a reason. What if, instead of gaining help against a tyrant king…she’s about to unleash hellfire on the entire world?

Available November 12, 2024