Dear Mama God



“Dear Mama God – Thank you for the earth and all living things.” So begins this wonder-filled prayer of gratitude from a child addressed to Mama God.

Combining stunning illustrations with simple yet profound prayers, “Dear Mama God” is the perfect children’s book to introduce children (and their adults) to the heart-expanding practice of referring to the divine in feminine form. The text thanks Mama God for trees for birds to nest in, hula hoops for dogs to jump through, paper to draw on, cozy fires, loving hearts, and the universe that is our home. The illustrations invite readers into a luminous, comforting presence.

The author is is part of a broader movement to incorporate explicitly feminine God-language into spiritual practices. Though it’s not a new movement—feminine images and language for God abound in the Jewish and Christian scriptures, and for decades, womanist and feminist scholars have pointed out the harm done by male-centric God talk—the conversation is vibrant and growing. Our God language matters because it is how we symbolize that which we hold as ideal. And while metaphor is all we ever get for the Mystery we call God, we have a big problem with stuck metaphors.

Due to a combination of tradition, sexism, and the limitations of language, our God-language and metaphors are almost exclusively masculine. This harms all of us. Thinking of God only in masculine terms has enormous implications for how children of all genders grow up. It has contributed to a world in which girls, women, and anyone not traditionally male-bodied remain marginalized and seen as less than. Plus, the feminine qualities in all genders are undervalued. Feminine God-language is liberating for all of us.

This book is a simple and beautiful way to share this expansive and life-affirming concept that God is also a mother with children, families, and spiritual communities everywhere. Mama God has love enough and space enough for us all.