Get an exclusive, limited edition of RAINBOW HISTORY CLASS from Lark & Owl Booksellers. This edition comes with a specially designed book wrap. Available for a limited time only. Help L&O continue to be a safe space. 

“The idea for the safe space dust jacket came from the influx of anti-LGBTQ+ laws being introduced across the US. These laws are attacking LGBTQ+ people as well as our books under the guise ‘protecting children’. I didn’t want those who are not able to be open about their sexuality or gender identity to miss out on learning their history due to feeling unsafe with a book like this in their bag or on their shelf. Throughout history, we’ve found ways to connect, share stories and keep our culture alive in secret using codes and symbols. I hope this dust jacket works in the same way and acts as a reminder that our identities as queer and trans people are no less real or valid when we need to remain undercover.”  Hannah McElhinney, author of Rainbow History Class